Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” But, what does it mean to be a “man of value”? People place different levels of value upon things. So, what is our criteria? Do we poll people? To properly evaluate value, we must rise above culture and nationality. In doing so, we seek God’s perspective, which is found in the Bible. Psalm 147 states, “He is not impressed by the strength of a horse; He does not value the power of a man. The LORD values those who fear Him, those who put their hope in His faithful love” (vv. 10-11). Wow! This is what God values? It is different than what we are accustomed to in earthly life, isn’t it? This is the Creator’s criteria for assigning value.

God’s appreciation of value doesn’t have any relation to physical or mental ability. It doesn’t consist of material wealth or popularity. It relates to how people respond to Him! Do you fear God and hope in His faithful love? If you notice the construction of verse 11, the ones who fear God are those who trust in His faithful love. They are one and the same! A prerequisite for fearing God and hoping in His faithful love is being reconciled to Him. Being reconciled to God results from repenting and placing one’s faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is what makes fear of God and trust in God possible.

For us to fear God and trust Him, we need a new heart and mind. We need a new nature (2 Cor. 5:17; Rom. 8:7-9). People need to be born again (John 3:3-8). When we become a new creation we are able to properly love and serve God (Rom. 6:1-14). So, let’s recap. First, you must repent and place your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from your sin. Second, repentance and faith results in you becoming a new creation, with new desires that will increasingly align with God’s Word. Third, being a new creation in Christ will result in you fearing (revering, respecting) God and trusting in His faithful love. Finally, God values such people, believers who fear Him and trust Him. As you consider your life, does it reflect what God values here in Psalm 147:10-11? Are fear of God and trusting Him a part of the fabric of who you are?  If they are, be encouraged and keep fighting the good fight (1 Tim. 6:12)!


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