A Review of – “One Forever – the transforming power of being in Christ” by Rory Shiner

I received One Forever – the transforming power of being in Christ from Matthias Media as a review copy. I was certainly intrigued by the topic of the book, especially since I had recently read Bound Together by Chris Brauns, which also discussed union with Christ. The book is not long (88 pages) but it is well-written. It is a part of Matthias Media’s Guidebooks for Life. I have not read any of the other works in this series but I am inclined to do so now.

Shiner, an associate pastor at St. Matthew’s Shenton Park, writes in a very accessible way. The topic he discusses is one of great theological and practical importance. For a believer to understand the truth and implications of being in union with Christ is of inestimable worth. As the author discusses, for many believers it is not a matter of “trying harder” but rather of understanding and appropriating what belongs to him as a result of union with Christ. Mos believers in local churches are entirely unaware of what is means to be “in Christ” nor how this truth effects their very identity. Shiner sets out to rectify this very issue in his book and does an excellent job.

The book is aimed at explaining very deep theological truth, truth which effects every area of a Christian’s life and practice. In a very clear and precise way, Shiner explains the doctrinal truths of original sin and union with Christ. He uses Scripture responsibly to support his proposals and does not attempt to go “beyond what is written.” The author also uses illustrations and stories that are rather ingenious in their simplicity, but on the mark in their picture of deep theological truth. I plan to use this book as a discipleship resource in the local church which I pastor. The book is not intimidating in length, but it addresses this important subject admirably. I highly recommend it.


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