The Issue of “Awkwardness”

I have thought about the issue of awkwardness in very much the same way as Tim Challies.  I have been frustrated with the embarrassment of others and myself in relation to someone who has committed some societal or cultural “no-no.”  The individual has committed no sin, but has done something that our culture has deemed as unusual.  I remember my highschool years (as a non-believer) that everyday was filled with the anxiety of attempting to assure that I did not do something that would embarrass myself in front of others.  Sadly, this was also the focus of just about every other person who was “popular.”  I remember instances where an individual who was “popular” made some mistake that cause her to be ejected from the “cool” crowd.  She was branded for the rest of her highschool days.  I remember that God began to reveal the corrupt nature of such behavior.  He began to reveal my own sinfulness through such thinking on my part.  I am so thankful that God convicted me of my own sinfulness and granted me faith in the gospel.  Sadly, many professing Christians do not see such thinking as unbiblical.  They think that it is their responsibility to flee from everything that will be embarrassing to them.  Go to many youth groups and you will see the same “herd-like” thinking.  Everyone tries to conform to the “coolest” person in the group rather than to Christ.  It is sad, and it is sinful.

I would encourage you to read the article by Tim Challies on awkwardness.  You will find it here.  Think this issue through according to Scripture, not cultural norms.

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