“The Imagination Station: Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon” – a book review by Ethan Terry

I really like the book. I was amazed that Patrick and Beth traveled to Northern Africa in the Imagination Station. Also, I was impressed that the Imagination Station disappeared after they got out of it. I really liked God using a dragon to saved Beth and Sabra from the Saber-tooth cat. I did not like Lucius (one of the characters) blaming the dragon for the death of a shepherd and his sheep. Beth and Sabra learned that it was the saber-tooth cat who had killed the shepherd and his sheep, not the dragon.

In the book there is a Roman soldier named Georgius who is a Christian and also very brave. He fought the dragon to save the lives of his friends, even though he knew it could cost him his life. He trusted in God to protect him and help him against the dragon. Georgius also cut some scales off from the dragon’s cheek. Georgius and Tarek backed the dragon into its cave, and its opening collapsed. Then the friends returned to the city where Lucius saw them. Lucius accused Georgius of being a traitor, and challenged him to a battle. In the midst of the battle, the saber-tooth cat jumped out and tore off Lucius’ armor. So, they killed the cat. The Imagination Station appeared and Georgius gave Patrick and Beth the scales from the dragon and the carcass of the cat to bring home to Odyssey.

I really liked the book. Tyndale Blog Network provided this book to me as a review copy.


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