Never Enough for Some People

Lately, I have been reading through the Gospel of John during my time with the Lord, and I have been awestruck by something. No matter what sign or miracle Jesus performed, it was never enough for some people. Some were offended when he healed on the Sabbath (John 5:1-16). When he called God his Father, making himself equal with God, they wanted to kill him (5:17-18). Even after he healed the sick (6:2) and fed over 5,000 people (6:10), they still asked for more signs to convince them (6:30-31). They were offended by him because they thought they knew his true identity (6:41-42). They were offended by what he taught (6:52), and even some who previously followed him left offended when they heard more teaching (6:60-63, 66). In fact, Jesus asked the twelve who stayed if they wanted to leave also (6:67). Apart from God’s sovereign grace, sinful man rejects the Son of God, and resists the truth of God’s Word (2 Cor. 4:1-4). None of this surprised Jesus because he knew who would and would not believe (John 6:64). Jesus did not lose heart because he knew only those whom the Father drew would come to him (6:44, 65).


Believers, if you are discouraged that people do not respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ, look to the preceding paragraph. Those who come to Jesus Christ have been drawn by the Father. We’re just the messengers (2 Cor. 5:17-21). The gospel is still the power of God for salvation, first the Jew, and also to the Greek (Rom. 1:16). Salvation is the work of God (1 Cor. 1:30-31).


As we celebrate the death and resurrection of God the Son, remember if you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and reconciliation to God, you are saved by the grace of God. If you have not placed your trust in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and reconciliation to God, you still have the opportunity to do so. As long as you have breath in your lungs, you have the opportunity to turn to Jesus Christ and place your trust in what he accomplished for you on the cross.


A little less than 2000 years ago, God the Son took on human flesh and was born of a virgin. He came to endure the punishment for our sin and give his life in our place. He satisfied the Father’s righteous wrath for our sin, and three days later rose from the dead. He is alive! He is risen… He is risen indeed!


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