Review of the NASB Cambridge Clarion Reference Edition

I received the new NASB Clarion Reference Bible from Baker Publishing House, and I was immediately impressed upon opening the box. The Bible itself has a beautiful goatskin cover that evidences fine standards of craftsmanship. It is very visually appealing. Cambridge Bible Publishers have really produced an excellent edition in the Clarion Reference Bible. It is available in a variety of translations.

This particular edition is featured in black goatskin, brown calfskin, and black calf split. The goatskin is very soft to the touch and feels very nice in hand. The pages have gold gilt page edges with red under the page edges. It is a classic Cambridge Bible look. The Bible features a smyth sewn binding, which allows the Bible to lay open flat. This is a very nice feature when preaching, teaching, or reading – to be able to lay the Bible down on a flat surface and not have it close on you. It also has two red ribbon markers, which is helpful if you want to mark more than one place in your Bible.

The text itself is 8.75 Lexicon No. 1, which is surprisingly readable. I never thought I would ever find myself putting such things together – 8.75 point font and surprisingly readable! Yet, it is true. Cambridge made certain that the text was aligned in such a way that the “ghosting” from opposite pages is minimized. I believe that it is a vast improvement over many other Bibles being produced currently, which allow you the benefit of reading 3-4 pages at once because of the “ghosting” of the pages. The Clarion Reference Edition is also a black letter text. Therefore, you will not find the words of Jesus featured in red. All of the text is the same color. This eliminates the potential of thinking the words of Jesus are more important or more inspired than the rest of the words of Scripture. Second Timothy 3:16 reminds us that, “All Scripture is inspired by God…” and this formatting reminds us of that fact.

I have to say that this Bible is a pleasure to read. The formatting has made the text very easy on the eyes and very easy to track on the page. The Bible easily fits in your hand. The dimensions are 5.125 x 7.0625. The publishers have truly considered the Bible reader in crafting this edition of the Bible. The text is easy on the eyes, it is easy to track on the page, it is easy to hold in the hand, it is a black-letter text, it is a single-column format, and it is in paragraph format. In the back of the Bible you will find a concordance, and also the maps one will normally find in a reference Bible. It is a beautiful Bible. I love reading this Bible.

Cambridge is currently offering the Clarion Reference Edition in the KJV, NASB, and ESV. You will find them for sale at CBD, Amazon, and various other Christian retailers. Each Clarion Reference Edition is offered in black goatskin, brown calfskin, and black calf-split.

Soon, I will try to upload some pictures that highlight the unique features of this Bible.


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