The Greatness of God is the Answer

The book of Job has provided encouragement for God’s people ever since the time it was recorded and distributed.  Believers read the book of Job for comfort, encouragement, and wisdom when they (or someone close to them) are going through trials, pain, loss, etc…  If you are familiar with the message of the book you will know that Job spends his time defending himself before his friends, who incidentally were there to comfort him.  Job maintains his innocence.  He did not commit sin worthy of such loss and pain.  Job was correct.  His loss and pain were not the result of his own sin.  God was doing something in and through Job’s life that were not explained to him.  Why it all happened is exactly what Job wanted to know.  The irony is that God never does explain to Job why everything happened to him.

God does provide an answer for Job.  It is an answer to a question which Job did not ask.  God’s answer to Job is the manifestation of His power and presence, accompanied by an explanation of His greatness – wisdom, knowledge, and power (Job 38-41).  We want to know why things happen, especially when we view them as unpleasant.  We have a difficult time understanding how our loving God would allow us to experience loss and pain.  There are many verses in Scripture which speak to the theological reasoning behind loss and pain in the lives of believers.  But, since we are looking at the message of Job, we need not look beyond the answer God gives – He is great.  His knowledge, wisdom, and power are great.  There is no one like Him.  His greatness is incomparable.

The next time we experience loss and pain, the next time we experience trials, we need to remember God’s message to Job – God is great in His knowledge, wisdom, and power.  He is infinitely greater than us.  Therefore, He knows best.


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