Job Moments

If you have been a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ for very long, you are aware of the biblical accounts of Job.  Job experienced things in his life that were sovereignly allowed by God, things that broke him and hurt him deeply.  His friends did not understand what he was going through, and did not want to for that matter (if suffering and loss come to godly people, then it could happen to them also, which they did not want to consider).

It is extremely hard to understand Job moments, if you have not experienced one before.  Job’s friends were full of advice, which normally would have been very appropriate, but not for Job’s present circumstances.  No one enjoys suffering.  No one enjoys walking though “the valley of the shadow of death” (which is not written for dead people but rather for living ones).

Job cried out to God but received only silence from heaven.  He clung to the righteous character of God, that He would not allow injustice to go unresolved.  Job lost pretty much everything of human value that he possessed.  He was informed repeatedly by his friends that it was his fault.  Yet, the one thing he did not do was give up.  He continued to cry out to God for help.  He cried out until God showed up.

Have you ever noticed that God never explains to Job why all of the unfortunate events occurred?  The answer God provided – Himself.  God paints a picture for Job of His greatness, wisdom, and sovereignty.  God tells Job that even though there are things in creation that make no sense to a human, they have been done intentionally by God according to His good pleasure.

The point is that God knew better than Job.  God is in control of everything, and if He decides to do something, He will do it without consulting Job, or any of His followers.  So if there is any possibility that you know a Christian who is even remotely experiencing a “Job Moment” – hold back on the advice.  Instead, encourage them to continue to cling to God, and pray for them right then and continually.


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