Review of the Children’s Book “Grumpy Day” by Stephanie Carmichael and Jessica Green

I learned of this children’s book “Grumpy Day” through the Matthias Media blogger review program. I am very pleased to have learned of this quality work. I really appreciate that Matthias Media published such a work for children. As believers we recognize that there are plenty of times when things do not operate according to our desires. If we read and understand our Bibles accurately we realize that even the “bad” days are under the sovereign control of God. The book presents this reality in a few short pages. There are some unpleasant issues that we can address by adjusting our plans/approach. Yet, there are times when we must recognize that God has a purpose that is much larger than us, and will be unpleasant to us in the present. I think that the authors did a very nice job of setting forth these realities – the sovereignty of God, trust in God’s character, patience, and praising God in the midst of waiting. My kids enjoyed the book, as did my wife and I.


I received this book as a part of Matthias Media’s blogger review program.


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