Review of Paws & Tails “Being Kind and Caring.”

I had previously heard a few Paws & Tails episodes on the radio and was intrigued by the prospect of reviewing the animated version on DVD. The storylines of the episodes were fine. The first episode dealt with the choice to seek revenge or to forgive. I thought that the concepts were clear and it will give children the opportunity to place themselves in the position of the characters for the purpose of exploring how they would respond personally. This was a highlight. The second episode dealt with the concept of teamwork. The characters must choose between personal fulfillment/glory and teamwork for the greater good. Again, I thought that the storyline was well-done and the stakes were clearly presented.


But, there were a couple of negatives in my opinion. I thought that there were a few unnecessary “cutting” comments made by the characters which were negative in my mind (Eph. 4:29). They did not do anything to add to the storyline. Maybe the creators would suggest that such “cutting” comments are commonplace among children, which I would suggest is a reason to tell a story without adding the very elements that are present in non-Christian media. The second negative is the animation. I know that production is expensive and I am sure that this was a cost-conscious move, but I think that it was choppy and not as high in quality as it could be.


I received this product as part of the review program at Tyndale Blog Review Network.

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