I love good books.  Today I became aware of Gospel e-books  through Tim Challies’ blog.  I have not had a lot of time to search the selection available on the site but I do know that they have a selection of free and inexpensive e-books.  It would be worth your time to check it out.  While I was thinking of this subject (e-books) I figured that I would post a few more sources for these resources.  Another source for e-books would be Logos Bible Software’s new venture Vyrso.  I use Logos so this is a helpful resource for me.  They make an e-book available for free each month, which they alert you to through an e-mail.  One of the online sources that I like a lot is Christian Classics Ethereal Library.  There are many resources available on this site, including Puritan works and others.  Finally, Monergism makes available free e-books on their site.

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