The Word of God (Psalm 119:1-8)

The Word of God is irreplaceable in the life of a Christian.  Psalm 119:1-8 sets forth principles which support this statement.  The believer whose way is blameless in regard to God’s Word is declared to be blessed.  This is the successful life for a Christian – living faithfully in obedience to God’s Word.  Furthermore, he states that the one who observes God’s testimonies is blessed.  Such a person is described as seeking God with all his heart.  A person who seeks God with all his heart is one who faithfully obeys God’s Word.

The life of blessing and success is one lived in faithful obedience to God’s Word.  Lord God, please help me and my family to live such a blessed life.  Help us to walk in the law of the Lord.  Help us to observe your testimonies and seek you with all our hearts.

The blessed person does no unrighteousness but walks in God’s ways, that is, according to his Word.  Blessing/happiness (as the Hebrew could be rendered) results from obedience.  God gave his Word so that we would faithfully obey it.


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