Potential and Performance

I have been struggling with something for most of my Christian life, something that Larry Osborne refers to as, “potential and performance.”  I realize that I have been spending most of my Christian life trying to prove myself and impress people.  I have struggled with living up to expectations that others (and especially myself) have placed upon me.  I have been driven by proving myself to others and impressing them.  This is a prison of pride, in the form of pleasing men (Gal. 1:10).  I resonated with much of what Larry Osborne says in this video clip entitled, “My Ministry Game-Changer.”  I realize now that God allowed me to face adversity and refused to allow me to continue in such sinful thinking and actions.  He did not allow me to receive the approval from people for which I was looking.  I was trading the fountain of living waters for broken cisterns (Jer. 1:13).  I did so by seeking joy and fulfillment from the approval of people, rather than the joy that comes from delighting in the Lord alone.  I was not resting in my standing in Christ, my identity in Christ, and my approval from God in Christ.  I was resting in the fickle and temporal approval of man.  God has convicted me of this sin, and I pray that he will give me the strength, wisdom, and ability to delight in him alone, to seek him alone, and to rest in my standing in Christ.  Check out the video clip that Pastor Larry Osborne has posted.


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