The NET Bible

I have used the NASB for a number of years and have most recently appreciated the HCSB as a quite serviceable translation of the Scriptures.  In my current ministry, I am utilizing the translation which the senior pastor uses and which matches the pew Bibles – the NET Bible.  Most use the electronic edition of the NET Bible for the purpose of examining the textual notes included in the NET Bible first edition.  I have to say that the NET Bible strikes a good balance between accuracy and readability.  Anyone who has taken the biblical languages and attempted to translate them into contemporary English (who is being honest) will admit that it is no easy task.  Those who are honest will be cautious when offering criticism of modern translations because it is very difficult to produce a translation which accurately communicates the original languages in modern English that is readable.

With this in mind, I am enjoying reading from, studying, and teaching from the NET Bible.  The translators have not bowed the sacred calf of church tradition in their interpretive decisions and this should be commended.  Having said this, there are places in the NET where you will notice departures from what you have read in older translations, such as the KJV.  If you compare it with an English translation you will notice that it sounds different, but when comparing it to the original languages you will find it to be a fine translation.


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