Free Andrew Peterson Music

I already own the c.d. and highly recommend anything Andrew Peterson releases.  Check this out:
The Far Country on Noisetrade
If you’ve been waiting for the chance to add The Far Country to your collection, here’s the perfect opportunity. The entire album is available at Noisetrade for absolutely free. Tell your friends and family, spread the word, and tip if you like what you hear.
Here’s what Christianity Today had to say about the record when it was released in 2006:
“A songwriter’s songwriter of the same caliber as Rich Mullins and Sara Groves, and one deserving of more recognition for his strong sense of melody and lyrical insight. Andrew Peterson has long relied on Scripture and personal anecdotes to color his storytelling, but this time he refines his wordplay further by drawing on his love of fantasy and literature, resulting in songs of increased depth, yet still very approachable.

Though the album is seemingly preoccupied with death, it is actually a joyful affirmation of life and the journey to our true home in heaven. That’s a message all can appreciate: old and young, healthy and infirm. Bolstered by top-notch musicianship, The Far Country ranks with the artist’s best, an engaging folk pop album much richer than the average coffee house offering.”

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