To the Great King

To the great King


verse one:

you are holy in all your ways

you hate sin and evil way

God with you no darkness dwells

you who dwell in unapproachable light



to the great King who sees all things

be glory and honor and praise

to the one who rules over all

be glory and honor and praise


Verse two:

our sin made us die

our sin made us estranged

our guilt brought us condemnation

our guilt brought us judgment


Verse three:

where is there hope?

Where is there life?

Where is there forgiveness?

Where is there light


Verse four:

on the hill called the skull

was one who would bring life

his death, his blood, our substitute

Jesus Christ, the one who brings life


Verse five:

our cross, his blood

our guilt, his innocence

our death, his life

our life, his death


Verse six:

Jesus Christ our hope

Jesus Christ our life

he has died our death

he has brought us life



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