The Agony of Silence

The Agony of Silence


I cry out from the depths

what is the response to my crying?

Silence, I cry out to silence

there is merely the echo of my heart


I need deliverance my God

your strength is incomprehensible

the effort expended would not weary you

I wait, yet nothing happens


Why have you forsaken me my God?

Why have you left me here in the depths?

My despair has engulfed me

my anguish has crushed me


Why do you not come down from heaven?

Why do you not deliver me from this pit?

Why am I alone here? Why am I alone here?

My cries echo in this pit, they are my only response


In the name of your Son I plead with you

come quickly to me, I cannot go on

my strength is gone, the light of life is fading

do you not care for me? Do you have no pleasure in me?


The echo of my cries cannot help, nor comfort me

I need you, King of heaven and earth

you created the heavens and the earth

you spoke and they were created


Then why am I still in this pit?

Then why am I still listening to the echoes of my cries for help?

Then why am I still hurt and confused?

Why are there no answers from you?


Answers are hidden because you are hidden

answers are absent because you are absent

my hope is in you alone but I cannot find you

peel back the heavens and answer me I pray


I can stand no longer the sound of my own pleas

I can stand it no longer, help me please

from where does my help?

From the Lord of heaven and earth


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