How Long O Lord?

How long oh Lord?


Oh God how long until we shall see

our hearts are crushed and aching

we cannot stand

relief we plead, relief we need


Our strength is drained

our spirits anguished

we look for hope

yet see only darkness


To you we come

to you we plead

visit us oh God

help our need


The Lord is a warrior

we need such a God

meet us in our despair

heal our pain


God of grace, we thirst for hope

we sit alone, gazing for light

we anticipate your arrival

God of grace, you are our hope


I sit in anguish

I feel alone

oh God, I followed your path

where have you gone?


It is as though you have left the path

I grope and stumble as I journey

I call for you, I plead with you to answer

silence, unsettling silence greets me


Where do I go from here?

I know not where to go

I am frantically looking

without you I am lost


I am lost God, at the worst time

my strengths, my courage, my heart is gone

I am injured, hurting, and cannot go on

Carry me my God, I cannot go on


No longer do I have words

no longer do I have answers

I am grieved beyond speaking

I can no longer continue in this place

if anything can go wrong, it does

everything in our lives is distressing

I hate it here Lord God of heaven

I am supposed to be serving you with joy and I have none


I am confused, my mind swirls

answers are elusive

where are you God?

We feel abandoned


Show yourself to us God

reveal your presence

do not hide any longer

come to us God, we are in despair


Shadows surround us

hopelessness consumes us

how can children of God be alone?

We belong to an omnipresent God


We feel alone, no one cares for us

do not leave us here any longer

please move God, bow the heavens

come down and show yourself to us


If you do not answer quickly

we will be destroyed by discouragement

how can we praise you in such a state?

Our lips, Our hearts, our minds are without strength


God in heaven, we plead for help

we disintegrate before your eyes

we belong to you through the blood of your son

do not leave us alone any longer


Oh God, we need you

oh God, we cry out to you

oh God, we plead with you

help us! Help us we pray!


My heart is so heavy I cannot lift my eyes

my hands are so weak I cannot sing

oh God, do not let the enemy triumph over us

vindicate us oh God, bring us victory


We are cast down but not destroyed

you alone are our portion in this life

we wait for you alone oh God

we will praise you when you release us from this prison


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