Falling, but not Failing

I truly appreciate the ministry and writings of the Life Action Ministries.  They provide resources which are a great encouragement to those who know Jesus Christ.  I receive their Pastor-Connect e-mail newsletter, in which there is an article on the reality of temptation, sin, and discouragement.  The author speaks of Satan’s sifting of Peter and the reality of what Christ said and would do.  I urge you to check out this article.  Here is a short excerpt:

<tt>Here is my paraphrase of what I believe Jesus was 


"Peter, you are about to go through a time when all you have hoped and dreamed 

and given your life for is nailed to a cross. It is going to devastate you. It 

will be a 'sifting' by the enemy of your beliefs, so much that you will even 

come to deny Me for a moment. But, Peter, I understand this. I know what you're 

going through, and I'm going to do something for you: I AM GOING TO INTERCEDE 

FOR YOU that your faith would NOT fail. I know My prayer will be answered, so in 

advance I want to give you instructions for what to do after this grueling 

experience is over: When you've come through on the other side, strengthen your 



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