Is it Necessary?

One should be baffled at the attempt of Christians throughout the centuries to “sanctify” secular things, so they will not be left out.  The U.S. has just concluded another Halloween, in which most of the population never gave thought to the pagan origins and practices of the day.  What I find odd is the desire to have a “Christian-ized” Halloween.  It is as though Christians are the last kid to be chosen for a team in gym class, or so we feel.  Are we like the only girl who did not get asked to the prom?  So we dress up our kids as Bible characters because we want everyone to know “we are cool too!”  The reality is that the world does not really think we are cool anyway.  Unregenerate people deep down have animosity toward God and his people.  So our strategy to dress our kids up does not really work.  Or, maybe it is not for the approval of non-believers.  Maybe it is because we genuinely feel like we will have been cheated out of some grand experience if we abstain from Halloween.  It is likely that motivations vary from person to person.

Do Christians really need to do anything for Halloween?  And a separate but related question, do Christians need the world to think we are “cool too” to impact them with the gospel?

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