The Inconvenience of Divinely Revealed Truth

The Bible is the authoritative standard for all of life.  God began using men to record information which He wanted revealed to all people.  He superintended the information recorded without dictating (in the majority of cases) word-for-word what He wanted written.  He did so without removing the personality and style of the human writers.

Scripture claims to be the Word of God (2 Tim. 3:16-17; 2 Pet. 1:20-21; 1 Pet. 1:22-25; 1 Th. 2:13; Heb. 4:12).  As such, the Bible relates to us accurate and authoritative divinely revealed information, which is binding upon all humanity.  Those who are ultimately disobedient to the Word will face eternal consequences (1 Pet. 2:6-8). We can be certain about everything that Scripture addresses.  We can trust everything about Scripture.  It is infallible, inerrant, and authoritative because it is divinely inspired.

Christian postmoderns have become entrenched in the sin of unbelief.  Therefore, they doubt the authority, infallibility, inerrancy, and inspiration of Scripture.  This leads to heresy and ultimately apostasy.  The sin of unbelief has crept into the church.  We must repent of this sin of unbelief and draw near to God again.  His Word is entirely reliable and the only truly reliable source of truth.  It is the measuring stick or litmus test of all truth claims.

Christians should be living above the culture and its ever-changing trends.  We are citizens of heaven, whose lives and culture are dictated by God’s Word.  It is no wonder so many professing Christians are rejecting doctrinal statements, Systematic Theology, creeds, statements of faith, and inerrancy – because Postmodernism rejects authoritative truth statements.  They claim that no one can be certain about anything, so the sin of unbelief is lauded as noble.  The reason people hate certainty is that the sin within them hates and rebels against God and His Word, which is truth.  Therefore, they reject it.

Christianity is a cognitive faith.  What I mean by that is that Christianity is based upon a body of information which is true and binding.  Therefore, it is crucial for a Christian to understand and believe what the Bible says to be true.  The Bible is God’s revealed truth.  The Bible tells us who God is and what God expects.  The Bible tells us that the human race is separated from God by sin.  The Bible tells us that sin results in death – physical and spiritual.  The Bible tells us that God sent His Son Jesus Christ to take the punishment that our sin deserves.  This resulted in Jesus’ death on the cross.  Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross paid for our sins.  The Bible tells us that Jesus rose from the dead alive three days later.  The Bible tells us that anyone who repents of his sin and accepts Christ’s death and resurrection for the payment of his becomes a child of God and is born again.  He is a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17).  He is innocent and forgiven.  He is going to heaven.  The Bible tells us that when we accept Christ, we accept Him as our Savior and our Lord.  As a result, God wants us to obey His Word.

So since we believe this information about Christ, it is important for us to make certain that we believe the right information.  The place where we find accurate information is the Bible.  So it is essential for a Christian who truly loves God to read and learn that Bible.  The most important book in the world is the Bible.


2 thoughts on “The Inconvenience of Divinely Revealed Truth

  1. Chris,

    I am a Roman Catholic from Argentina. What you have written in this entry is so deeply true. These days it is really hard to find any Christian who takes his Bible seriously. Who believes in a real bodily Resurrection of Jesus. Who believes that He phisically walked the roads of Judea after his Resurrection, and that He ascended to Heaven. It is almost imposible to find christians who believe in Hell and who fear Ethernal Damnation, and it is even harder to find Pastors who preach it.
    That is the sad state of Faith.
    But well, after all, Revelation predicts an Apostasy.

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