Dr. Russell Moore clarifies the issue of Glen Beck and his actions driven by Mormonism

Russell Moore Dean of the School of Theology and Senior Vice-President for Academic Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as a preaching pastor at Highview Baptist Church.  Moore has provided a timely and succinct analysis of the Glenn Beck revolution and the evangelicals who have sadly joined his cause.

This is an issue which has surfaced before.  Maybe in modern times this error was introduced through the Moral Majority, which had nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but instead, focused on legislating morality upon unregenerate people.  This is the wrong battle for evangelical Christians to be fighting.  This is the wrong hill to be dying on, let alone standing on.

Glenn Beck is a Mormon.  He does not believe the gospel of Jesus Christ – salvation by faith alone, through grace alone.  Jesus Christ – God the Son, fully God and fully man.  Christ crucified as the sin-offering for mankind and risen again the third day.  Therefore, Glenn Beck is not the answer for the church.  He is unregenerate!  The church has not been commanded by God to “bring America back to God.”  What does that really mean anyway?  Those who proclaim it mean, “to make Americans function in a more-or-less moral way.”  It has nothing to do with repentance and faith in Christ crucified and risen from the dead.  The church has been commanded by God to preach the gospel to all people, making disciples of Jesus Christ!

Evangelical Christians are abandoning their God-given mission for the the diversion of moral reformation among unregenerate people.  May God grant repentance.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Russell Moore clarifies the issue of Glen Beck and his actions driven by Mormonism

  1. You hit on the one thing I believe has been missed by most Christians. Our God is not moral, He is holy. There is a big difference, and I am afraid most don’t know the difference.

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