Church Issues

One of the main issues confronting the church is whether we will submit to the authority of the Word of God.  As people with sin indwelling us, we have sinful desires at times.  We want things and expect things which are not biblical.  Does that mean we are to disregard the Word of God and do as we please?  What does one call such an action?  Scripture calls it sinful rebellion.  In the U.S. we have experienced such affluence and prosperity that we are accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it.  This has led to Christians in local churches saying, “Well, we know what the Bible says but…that is not what people want and expect.”

Anytime the phrase, “We know what the Bible says” is followed by the word “but” we are treading on dangerous ground.  I am going to share something which is really not very profound – it really does not matter what people want and expect.  It really only matters what God wants and expects.  This should change our thinking about how to do church and what to communicate in it.

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