The Re-Release of “Ashamed of the Gospel” by John MacArthur

I received this book free from Grace to You about a month ago.  I always love to receive free things but I was swamped with work so I was unable to start reading right away.  I just finished the book yesterday and here are some initial thoughts:

The book is a revision but it is still extremely relevant for our evangelical Christians today.  Its message hits on the greatest dangers facing the church currently.  The undermining of accurate, authoritative truth statements has been going on for some time but now it has gained traction in the church.  The truth is that it isn’t alive and well only in the Emerging Church conversation.  It is alive and well in conservative Bible believing churches around the U.S.  Children up through adults have been effected through media of all forms.  Evangelicals have been influenced to believe that it is not intellectually credible to believe authentic, authoritative, inerrant truth.  They have been made to believe that no such thing exists.  This is a major issue when it comes to the Word of God.  The Word of God presents itself as such, so evangelicals are scrambling to redefine what the Bible means when it makes such statements.

What MacArthur has done in this book reminds me of what Spurgeon did to stand against the Down-Grade Controversy.  MacArthur has spoken out against the fluffy version of love that has infected Christianity, which never stands on truth against error.  The theology of tolerance and acceptance of everything has infected the church.  It is a sickness and the solution is repentance and a return to the Word of God.

I think that MacArthur has provided a very timely message in this book.  God used it to bring a great deal of conviction in my own life and thinking.  I suggest that you read the book.  I believe you will find the circumstances facing the church in England toward the end of Spurgeon’s life eerily similar to the conditions of the church in the U.S. during our time.  Read the book.

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