The Mystery in Postmodernism

The buzz surrounding the subject of Postmodernism is interesting and at times a bit annoying.  When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in July 1998 and subsequently enrolled at a local Community College the term Postmodern did not exist (at least it was not common knowledge).  Yet, the philosophy was already present.  The idea that truth was relative and that absolute truth was non-existent was already guiding the lives of those few thousand fellow students.  This is what was being taught in the classroom and it did not take a great deal of convincing because the students were already leaning in this direction of worldview prior to enrollment.  Postmodernism is nothing new.  It is the logical result of believing that truth is relative.

Then what is the big deal?  Conservative Christians are writing books and holding seminars on how to communicate with Postmoderns.  Really?  I guess it is helpful not to live in a cave, but is it necessary to undergo an Intro to Postmodernism module?  The truth is that everyday regenerate people can have conversations about the Christ who has transformed their lives and God can open the eyes of the unregenerate person to believe the gospel.  Maybe it is an ignorant assumption, but is it so difficult to have a conversation with an unbeliever and ask questions to learn what he/she believes?  Upon discovering such information, the believer may then share biblical truth (namely the gospel) and leave the converting of souls to God’s divine action.

I am concerned that we have come to believe that we must purchase every new book and attend every new seminar so we may be equipped to win the lost.  Is it not sufficient to establish credible relationships with people out in the real world and then share divine truth with them when God provides opportunity?  Postmodernism is certainly different from Modernism, but unless you have been living in a cave you will already have credible relationships with people affected by Postmodernism, so you will already have understanding of what they are thinking and feeling.

Therefore, it seems to me that the necessary components of being an effective witness for Christ during the time in which we live is to:

– Walk closely with Christ through the Word and prayer

– Know the gospel message

– Have or establish credible relationships with people around you

– Pray for opportunities to share the gospel

– Share the gospel accurately when given opportunity

– Trust God to do what only He can do – regenerate unregenerate people

It appears that you would not need to read a book or attend a seminar to do so.  Neither do you need to fear the “giant” of Postmodernism.  Unregenerate people have been opposed to the gospel for almost 2,000 years.  Be a friendly Christlike person and seek opportunities to share the life-changing gospel with those surrounding you.

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