My preferences for editions of the revision of the HCSB

NASB large print ultrathin reference

These are somewhat insignificant hopes but they still exist nonetheless.  I am hoping that when the revision is released that B&H Publishing will release a non-thinline reference Bible.  I still like the basic size of the Foundation Publications large print ultrathin NASB reference Bible (I don’t like that it is verse format, but I don’t mind the size, the paper is great).  I wouldn’t even mind if B&H released an HCSB reference Bible that was the size of the ESV Classic Reference Bible.

ESV classic reference

I prefer a classic reference Bible for study and teaching/preaching. I would be ecstatic if B&H would produce and release an HCSB in a classic reference Bible format.  It is a very functional and helpful format.  The HCSB Hand Size Giant Print Reference Bible is not a bad size.  Yet, I do not care for the Jewel Verse System (which lists a few references after the paragraph).  This formatting does not allow for many references to be listed.  The formatting also does not allow for a full concordance to be included.  I would prefer more references and a full concordance.

HCSB Handsize Giant print reference

I like the formatting of a classic reference Bible.  I like two columns of text and a center column set full of cross references.  I know that cross references are not important to everyone.  I also know that there are many reference Bibles that have cross references that seem to have no logical connection with the verses they accompany.  Yet, I believe that Scripture is the best interpreter of Scripture.  Therefore, a reference Bible which provides logically connected cross references would be a desirable item for me.

It is possible that I have simply become accustomed to the traditional formatting of a classic reference Bible.  It works for me.  It is very useful for preaching/teaching and studying the biblical text.  I hope that B&H Publishing produces and distributes a classic reference Bible with a full concordance and center column references in a non-thinline format.  If such a product is produced if it is anywhere between the size of the Foundation Large Print Ultrathin Reference Bible and the ESV Classic Reference Bible, I will be ecstatic.


I have been thinking about my preferences for new editions of the HCSB revision and I have also decided besides wanting a classic reference Bible, I would also like to see a wide margin, single column reference Bible for the HCSB revision.  I would love to have one of each.

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2 thoughts on “My preferences for editions of the revision of the HCSB

  1. It would also be nice to see a single column edition other than the Ministers Bible. Do it in paragraph format rather than verse by verse. many folks like these editions as they “read” more like a regular book.

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