Who will recommend the HCSB?

This has bothered me for some time now.  I believe that the HCSB is an excellent translation of the Scriptures.  The only problem is that there is not a comprehensive list of scholars and pastors (graduate students and bloggers) who recommend the HCSB.  I think that those who are supporters of the HCSB should work to remedy this problem.  Any person can do a simple web search and find that the ESV has a long list of scholars and pastors (graduate students and bloggers) who heartily recommend this respective translation.

The HCSB is a very well done translation and I am certain that there are plenty of scholars and pastors who would heartily recommend the HCSB.  My challenge for you who support the HCSB (including Graduate students and bloggers), write a paragraph (I emphasize paragraph) about why you recommend the HCSB.  Let’s see if a comprehensive list of HCSB supporters could be compiled.  Who is willing to help?

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It was suggested to me by Jedidiah Coppenger (who works for Lifeway and is working to promote the HCSB) that this discussion be expanded to include PhD students (or students in graduate studies) and bloggers.  I think that is a fine idea.  So for anyone who has used the HCSB and would like to express their thoughts about the translation, feel free to do so.  Here is a link to some of my thoughts that I previously posted.

17 thoughts on “Who will recommend the HCSB?

  1. The HCSB combines the best of two worlds: readability and accuracy. I recommend the HCSB to both scholars and lay people. It is the version from which I preach, as well as do my daily devotions. You simply will not find a better all-around translation.

  2. For accuracy and readability there’s no translation better than the Holman Christian Standard Bible. When I first picked up the HCSB I was thrilled with how natural the language felt, and now the more I read it and study with it, the more impressed I am with how courageously accurate the translation is. The HCSB uses words and syntax that are neither archaic and awkward nor unnecessarily colloquial. Whether you’re looking for a new primary translation or an invaluable supplement to your other translations, the HCSB is an excellent choice. Scholars, pastors and laymen alike will appreciate the clarity, beauty and precision of what I trust will truly become the new standard in Bible translations.

  3. I wholeheartedly endorse the HCSB. In terms of manuscript tradition, it rivals or exceeds many (if not most) of the classic translations. In translation theory, it is unparalleled. As far as readability and contemporary language, the HCSB has done a great job of modernizing without compromising. I recommend this translation to scholars, pastors, and laymen. Personally I have been using this translation in teaching through a series on Proverbs. When I consult the scholars for their opinions on the translation, they almost unanimously line up close the HCSB rendering. It has been a highly valued addition to my arsenal of translations.

  4. I definitely recommend the HCSB. It is an accurate translation of the best original language manuscripts. Its accuracy is seen also in its distinctive use of terms like Yahweh, Messiah, and Slave. It is as readable as any contemporary version, using up-to-date language so that scholar and layman alike can understand the truth of God’s Word. I use it often in my preaching and recommend it to my people.

  5. The HCSB is an excellent translation that I would wholeheartedly recommend. I use the HCSB in study and preparation for preaching and teaching, as well as for times of personal devotion. This translation is both readable and accurate. Two practical reasons I prefer the HCSB, the use of the words “Yahweh” and “Messiah.” The HCSB has chosen to use the Lord’s Personal name (Yahweh) when the text has done so. In addition, the translators often use “Messiah” instead of “Christ” helping the reader understand that this Greek word “Christos” is not the last name of Jesus, but rather a title of the deliverer that was to come and now has come.

  6. I like my HCSB. I use it quite frequently for my preaching. I have the Minister’s edition. One of my favorite features is how it uses bold text in the NT to indicate that an OT text is being quoted. I didn’t realize how much OT is in the NT.

  7. I am a pastor who teaches / preaches expositionally. So, the translation I use is of utmost importance to me. While there are good new versions available, only the HCSB is truly a translation. Matching the best in scholarship with the newest study tools, the translation team gave us a translation of integrity. While learning from others who have gone before, this translation is fresh due to the diligence of those who worked with the best manuscripts available.

    I use the HCSB for all the reasons stated in the posts above (accuracy, readability, etc.). But there is one reason that really stands out for me personally. That is, I trust those who have stewardship over this translation. We have seen what can happen with translations when those with the stewardship are driven by anything other than the guardianship of God’s Word. I spent 10 years of my life and ministry inside the organization that stewards this translation. Their hearts are hearts you can trust not to blow with financial or politically correct winds.

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  9. It was brought to my attention by Jedidiah Coppenger that some felt excluded from the discussion because of how I stated the post (being a pastor and/or scholar). I thought there was wisdom in what he said, therefore I altered the post. I felt it was only appropriate because I am not just a pastor but also a student pursuing my M.Div. Here is what Jedidiah mentioned to me:


    Thanks for the post about the HCSB and endorsements. I’ve sent out an email to a number of my guys and tweeted about it. I’ve got a question though. Is there any way that you could reword the post in a spot or two? I’ve had a number of guys say that they’d like to endorse the HCSB on your site but they don’t fit what you’re looking for. They are Ph.D. students, bloggers, etc. They felt like the blog was designed for guys like John Piper and scholars to comment. I didn’t know if this could be adjusted. If not, no big deal.
    Thanks man,


    I hope this will allow others to feel included in the discussion.

  10. I also invited T.C. Robinson to be a part of the discussion and this is how he responded:

    “Hi Chris,

    Yes, the HCSB is a fine translation. Someone from the HCSB’s blog contacted about suggestions to promote a better blog. I offered two.

    I hope they would use one of my suggestions to really get the HCSB going.


    I hope others will join the discussion about this fine translation. Thank you to those who are already involved. It is so encouraging to hear the thoughts of others on this issue.

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  13. Though I am not in the league of the others who have commented here, I am simply a Youth Teacher, novice blogger and a Soldier by trade here is my reason for the HCSB.
    This translation embodies clarity and readability. It is said that the best translation is the translation that you read, well then, the HCSB is the best. It reads like we speak and it reads comfortably. Add to this the accuracy (I am no Hebrew or Greek scholar), it seems whenever I hear MacArthur, Piper, Mohler, et. al., explain the original behind their ESV/NASB they could be quoting the HCSB. The boldness to depart from “traditional” renderings for accuracy (see Jn 3:16) is fantastic. Finally, the HCSB is in fact a translation not a revision of an older translation (NASB – ASV; ESV-RSV; NIV2011-NIV).
    For your consideration.

  14. Here is my formal recommendation of the HCSB:
    I recommend the HCSB because it is an English translation which utilizes a formal translation philosophy but also capably balances that approach with a very readable English rendering. I prefer a formal translation philosophy because of the nature of the source documents. The Word of God is inspired and therefore must be rendered in a way that accurately communicates the message God intended. There are translations which have employed a formal translation philosophy that are not very readable in English. The HCSB (especially the revision) has struck a very nice balance accuracy and readability. I highly recommend it.

  15. Hi there,

    I’m a futur student at the baptist bible institute in the Laurentide, IBBL , in the province of Quebec, Canada, and I promote openly the HCSB. What trully sets it appart is the fact that we are “slaves” of Christ and not “servants”. Even John MacArthur wrote in his book called Slave, that it’s a serious mistake the translators of this era to have change the meaning of “doulos”. The true translation for this greek word is Slave and not servant. And for the record I’m not a baptist I’m a brethren christian on the same matters of John Darby. And the words of Christ are all that matters to me. The HCSB is a true gift from God our Father because the wording is right and direct. Doctrinly speaking, it’s very well translated and Paul amd Peter’s letters are well written. God our Father bless the work of their hand on the translated commity and may Jesus Christ our Lord be our hope for ever. May we all be slaves of Christ, because we’ve been bought at a great price and it is not us who live anymore, but Christ who lives in us. Maranatha !

  16. Not a huge fan of the HCSB, it’s dynamic (thought-for-thought trans.) in much more places than the ESV. But as for a notable endorser, Mark Dever of 9Marks ministries comes to mind. I believe he even wrote a few notes in the HCSB Study Bible. Hope that helps!

  17. Comment on the HCSB? Its hard to know where to begin. All through this translation God is everywhere! This is the closest to revealing Gods WORD to a world so desperately in need of it. The Holy Spirit has done a great work through the scholars involved with this translation, in revealing the true Word of God. God bless all involved with the HCSB. James Cone.

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