HCSB Minister’s Bible Giveaway

Will at Anwoth blog is giving away a limited edition HCSB Minister’s Bible to someone who gives him ten reasons why you like the HCSB.  Check it out!

Here are my own recently updated reasons:

1) Conservative scholars translated it and reviewed it.
2) It is translated from the most reliable manuscripts.
3) It has attempted to avoid being bound by traditional renderings
4) It is a formal translation that is very, very readable. [Marketers of the ESV should take note. The HCSB is literal, but also very readable. The ESV is literal, but not as readable.]
5) It is published by a conservative Christian company
6) It retains traditional theological terms
7) The bullet notes are excellent. I wish that there were some way to place the bullet note information closer to the appropriate text. I have come to despise end-notes and love footnotes. Honestly, I do not know where this information could be placed in the footer because the textual notes (which are even more valuable than the bullet notes) are already located in the footer. I do not know what the answer is, other than for me to get over my aversion to the end-notes.
8) It will be distributed worldwide for evangelism purposes through Holman Bible Outreach International
9) There are many editions produced which are evangelism Bible handbooks; ex: Share Jesus Without Fear N.T.; The Way of the Master N.T.; Darwin’s Bible; Atheist’s Bible.
10) Those who are involved in the process of revision are truly listening to those who will be using the HCSB in local churches, colleges, and seminaries. I appreciate that they are trying their best by God’s grace to “get it right.” Praise the Lord for this desire.

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