Celebrating Christ at Christmas

My wife and I have been doing a lot of thinking about how we as born again Christians celebrate Christmas.  Our son is turning five this May and our daughter is turning three this May, so we have been teaching them why we celebrate Christmas.  We celebrate Christmas because we are so happy that Jesus was born.  This is the true meaning for Christians, that God the Son took on flesh for the purpose of providing substitutionary atonement for mankind’s sins.  But, we still give presents to each other.  We buy things for people who don’t really need anything.

What does this have to do with celebrating the birth of Christ?  Initially we said that we give presents to each other because we are so happy that Jesus was born.  It has gotten harder and harder to say that this is the genuine reason for why we do what we do.  If we celebrate Christmas because we are so happy that Jesus was born to save us from our sins, Christmas should be about worshiping God through Jesus Christ.  My wife and I discussed how we as a family can best do this in the coming years.

We are going to show the love of Christ to others:

  1. We want to invite others over to our house for a special Christmas dinner, people who don’t have anywhere else to go.
  2. We want to serve at a soup kitchen or shelter
  3. We want to do things “unto the least of these” as though we were doing them for Jesus Himself
  4. We want to take time to worship Jesus through – praises, testimonies, singing
  5. We don’t want to buy presents for our family, friends, etc… at Christmas anymore.  We want to give “gifts” to Jesus since we are celebrating Him, like the aforementioned items.
  6. We will buy presents for people on their birthdays because that is when we celebrate them as people.
  7. We want to keep Christmas all about Jesus.

This is a rough sketch of what we are thinking about doing.  Anyone else ever think about this?  Even in the Christian world, Christmas seems to be more about us than it does about Jesus.  I know we say differently but our actions to the contrary show otherwise.  Any thoughts?

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