The Appeal of the HCSB

After a time of setting the HCSB to the side out of loyalty to the NASB and familiarity with the same, I have again began seriously examining the HCSB as a primary study and preaching Bible.  There are many things to like about the HCSB.

  • Conservative scholars translated it and reviewed it.
  • It is translated from the most reliable manuscripts.
  • It has attempted to avoid being bound by traditional renderings
  • It is a formal translation that is very, very readable.  [Marketers of the ESV should take note.  The HCSB is literal, but also very readable.  The ESV is literal, but not as readable.]
  • It is published by a conservative Christian company
  • It retains traditional theological terms
  • The bullet notes are excellent.  I wish that there were some way to place the bullet note information closer to the appropriate text.  I have come to despise end-notes and love footnotes.  Honestly, I do not know where this information could be placed in the footer because the textual notes (which are even more valuable than the bullet notes) are already located in the footer.  I do not know what the answer is, other than for me to get over my aversion to the end-notes.

There is one thing that I would absolutely love for B&H to produces is a regular size reference Bible for the HCSB, not a thinline.  It would be great if it were a black letter Bible also.  This is my hope.

I am persuaded now that the updated HCSB will be my choice for study and preaching in the future.  It is an excellent translation of the Bible.  When you read the litany of promises regarding the ESV which report accuracy and readiblity, check out the HCSB and you will find in actuality what is only promised in the ESV.

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