The Theological Foundations are Crumbling in Evangelical Churches

It seems that among evangelical Christians Theology is out of style.  It is too irrelevant and boring.  The self-centered question of the century is raised, “what does it have to do with me?”  This arrogant and erroneous thought has led to the existential interpretation of Scripture.  Every promise in the book is not mine!  Nor are they all yours!

Never have evangelical Christians had so many resources for studying the Word of God and yet neglected them so.  Christians for the first time are crossing denominational lines for more entertaining services and youth groups which are more activity-centered.  Theological beliefs do not enter the thought process of the consumer-minded evangelical Christian.  The only thing on the Christian’s mind is:  what does this church do to meet my needs?  This is a sad state of affairs.  Read through the pages of the N.T. to find any instance where Scripture instructs believers to make decisions based on such self-centered carnal reasoning.  The reason that Theology is not considered is that to the average Christian the study of God really is not important!  What did you say?  Theology is the study of God and to the average evangelical Christian it is irrelevant.  They are much more concerned about learning and studying themselves, not God!  This is why the Theological foundations are crumbling in evangelical churches.  The Word of God is used as a proof-texting, self-help manual.  May God have mercy on us.

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