The Human Element of Preaching

I am taking a preaching class this Spring for fulfillment of my M.Div. degree.  I am not so excited at the prospect.  I took two homiletics classes in Bible College.  I am sure that there are beneficial things that I may learn in this upcoming class but I am admittedly frustrated over the “performance-driven” event that preaching has become.  I understand that someone may preach the truth of Scripture accurately and yet bore people to tears.  This is an unfortunate and unnecessary event.

My view of the matter is that the man of God must study the text thoroughly for the correct understanding of the passage.  After he arrives at this correct understanding of the text he must passionately proclaim this truth to his hearers, urging them to act upon the truth contained in the passage.  I have come to the point where I am generally unconcerned with providing stories for the entertainment of the hearers.  The duty of the preacher is to accurately and passionately communicate the truth of God’s Word to his hearers, urging/pleading for them to act upon God’s instruction.

I personally feel that there is too much emphasis on the performance oriented tools and tricks.  God seems unconcerned about how entertaining his spokesmen were during their ministries.  I want to proclaim the Word of God accurately and passionately to those who are listening.  I want others to proclaim the Word of God accurately and passionately to me.  Just some suggestions.

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