NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible

I recently received a review copy of the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible from the Lockman Foundation.  I already owned the Genuine Leather Version that I had purchased from American Bible Sales.  When I received the Bible I was immediately impressed, in fact overwhelmed, at the quality of the calfskin leather.  I previously had my NASB Study Bible rebound in goatskin by Mechling Bindery and the calfskin was softer by far.  The pages on the calfskin are smyth sewn which makes for a durable Bible and also causes the Bible to lay open flat.  The Bible pages are thicker than any other publisher provides, period.  This Bible is truly a treasure.  God’s blessing be upon the Lockman Foundation for producing such a high quality set of Bibles.

Since I have received this Bible I have not been able to bring myself to use any other to preach and teach from.  This Bible retails for $110.  I would recommend purchasing one from American Bible Sales.  They distribute the Foundation Publication NASB Bibles.  They are excellent in quality.  If you are looking for a beautifully crafted Bible I recommend you purchase the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible produced by Foundation Publications.  I hope to have some pictures available soon for those who are interested in visual details.

Here is the velvet cover in which the Bible arrives.

As you can see the calfskin edition has the raised bands.  Very nice.

The cover is leather-lined.  Beautiful!

The calfskin leather is so soft and pliable.

Since the pages are smyth-sewn the Bible lays completely flat when opened.

Here is a look at the formatting of the text.  It is in verse format, but at least the paragraphs are indicated with emboldened verse numbers.  The paper is the finest Bible paper I have ever seen.

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5 thoughts on “NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible

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  2. I just ordered mines and I can’t wait to receive it. I really hope I’m not disappointed. Thanks for the review and pictures. God bless.

  3. The bible is leather lined. Anyone can go to and go to the top of the web page and hit store, then select NASB on the side and choose Lockman Foundation. On their description of the bible it says leather lined. You can even call the Lockman Foundation and ask. It’s leather lined just like the Charles Stanley,calfskin NASB with the wide margins.

  4. I have 2 of this bible, the printing and binding is well done (china made) BUT the leather lining is poor and it got damaged in just short time. I’m having the cover replaced by Leonard’s Binding in the future :-)

    Note: If you look at Allan Readers Edition NASB, this has the exact same print as this, word for word. The paper is actually thinner on the ALLAN so the Foundation is more eye friendly.

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