Cambridge NASB Wide Margin Reference Bible in Black Goatskin leather

When I received this Bible as a review copy from Cambridge Press I immediately noticed the non-traditional design of the Bible itself.  I have come to absolutely love the format of this beautifully crafted Bible.  The Bible itself is bound in goatskin leather.  The cover is leather-lined which results in a very flexible cover.  The grain of the leather is the finest I have seen.  I had my NASB Zondervan Study Bible rebound in chocolate goatskin by Mechling Bindery and Mechling did an excellent job.  But, the leather on the Cambridge Bible far surpasses the Mechling goatskin in quality.

The pages are smyth-sewn which allows the Bible to lay completely flat.  The pages themselves are thick, very nice.  One thing that I really love about this Bible is that the paper is not a bright white.  It is more of an off-white which makes it easier on the eyes.  The pages have gold gilding and red underneath.  I have never owned a Bible that possessed this feature.  It presents a classic look.  The text has the words of Christ in red.  I would prefer black if I had the choice, but it is not a big deal to me.  The font is very readable.  Cambridge used a very bold ink which makes it very visually appealing and clear.

There is plenty of room in the margins for notes.  There is less room on the inside margin for notes, but presents more space than other wide margin Bibles I have seen.  There are maps in the back.  This is a nice feature when using the Bible to instruct others.  In the back of the Bible, behind the concordance, you will find a number of lined pages for note taking purposes.  This is a nice feature.

I would have to say that the format and features of this Bible make it the finest that I have ever seen.

This is an indication of the beautiful grain of the goatskin leather.  Awesome.

The pages are smyth-sewn so the Bible opens flat.

Here is the format of the text on the page.  You can also see at the edge of the picture the red-lined pages.

Here is another shot of the leather grain.

This is an indication of the flexibility of the goatskin.

The Bible is so flexible.  It feels so nice in your hand.  The Bible also has two ribbon markers.

This is terribly blurry but this is a shot of the red-lined pages.

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