HCSB Promotional Videos

In my search for information about the HCSB I came across some excellent videos to support the HCSB translation.  They include interviews with Ed Blum, Tremper Longman, George Klein, Steve GreenRichard Hess, Henry Blackaby, Michael Rydelnik, George Guthrie, Eugene Merrill, Bill Warren, and John Perry.  Here are two other promo videos found on the site here and here.

In case you didn’t see my previous post, there are also two promotional videos for the forthcoming HCSB Study Bible and here.  There is also a promo video for the Apologetics Bible and the Student Bible.  Check them out.

The HCSB Study Bible videos were removed from the site but I found one of them on YouTube.

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3 thoughts on “HCSB Promotional Videos

  1. They were there. They have been on the site for about three weeks. Apparently when word got out about the videos the site removed them. They do exist though.

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