NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible

I recently received a review copy of the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible from the Lockman Foundation.  I already owned the Genuine Leather Version that I had purchased from American Bible Sales.  When I received the Bible I was immediately impressed, in fact overwhelmed, at the quality of the calfskin leather.  I previously had my NASB Study Bible rebound in goatskin by Mechling Bindery and the calfskin was softer by far.  The pages on the calfskin are smyth sewn which makes for a durable Bible and also causes the Bible to lay open flat.  The Bible pages are thicker than any other publisher provides, period.  This Bible is truly a treasure.  God’s blessing be upon the Lockman Foundation for producing such a high quality set of Bibles.

Since I have received this Bible I have not been able to bring myself to use any other to preach and teach from.  This Bible retails for $110.  I would recommend purchasing one from American Bible Sales.  They distribute the Foundation Publication NASB Bibles.  They are excellent in quality.  If you are looking for a beautifully crafted Bible I recommend you purchase the NASB Large Print Ultrathin Calfskin Bible produced by Foundation Publications.  I hope to have some pictures available soon for those who are interested in visual details.

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