Man’s Role in Church Growth

I have been through church growth classes.  They all seem very impressive and convicting in the moment.  Now I am somewhat disillusioned by the findings and recommendations.  The truth is that much of church growth has nothing to do with issues of sin or obedience.  It has to do with techniques.  Ultimately if one uses the Word of God with any regularity you will find that God alone saves souls.  God alone is the one who transforms people into the image of Christ.  One of the main problems is that Christians are not evangelizing!  Christians are not being Christlike to visitors when they attend church.  Christians are not encouraging one another to live for God and faithfully involve themselves in the local church. 
Individualism has truly hurt local churches and harmed the spiritual well-being of believers.  People view their relationship with God as a private issue.  This has led to people living in sin with no correction and encouragement.  This is to our detriment that we are neglecting these things.  I am saddened that instead of asking whether believers in our local church are growing in Christlikeness, we are more concerned with whether our attendance is going up or down.  God change our worldly thinking, please!


4 thoughts on “Man’s Role in Church Growth

  1. God continue to bless whom ever wrote this note because like the old saying “You hit the nail on the Head”. People that call themselves followers of Christ seem to be following their own thoughts. When these that are called Christians be about the business of being an instrument that God uses in this world of hurting humanity, people will change and things will change. Families will become stronger and so will the church when they put God FIRST!!!!!!

  2. The,author has been able to speak the mind of God .Everey followers of Jesus christ must wake up to their responsibillity and church leaders to work God the message is wonderfully inspire

  3. The responsibility of Leadership in Church is saddled on men upon congregation to position men and women for change and service to God. Through prayers and word study for Godly counsels.The enable environment is indeed crucial
    Dr. Adua

  4. Pr. Fred Munaalwa- Nakifuma Mukono Ug.
    It is our role as leaders to teach the flock as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ before he ascended in Heaven. The attitudes of the leaders are the true manifestations of the church members characters. We should not blame the followers BUT ourselves the leaders. We produce what we are and what we do depending on our background the way we were brought up.

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