Shepherding the Church by Joseph Stowell

This is the second time that I have read this book.  I have learned so much more during the second trip through the work.  This is an excellent book that is thoroughly biblical in its approach and application.  I would recommend it to anyone preparing for the ministry and for anyone who is currently involved in ministry.  Here is a brief excerpt:

“Ministry is doing something, everything, for the One we love the most.  And when we cultivate ministry as an outworking of an indebted response to Jesus Christ, our motives purify themselves.  It’s not only a matter of purity, it’s a matter of liberation.  We quickly become weary when we do ministry for earthly affirmation, recognition, money, responsibility, career call, or even the fear of retribution.  If, however, it is all done out of a heart that is searching for ways to express its love for Christ, it will thrive and be ready in the face of any ministry environment.  It is solely a matter of my grateful connectedness to the One who has called me to do something on His behalf.  Needless to say, ministry done in that context will reflect a steady, undaunted flow that will capture the respect of the flock.”

If you have not read this book I encourage you to do so.

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