Seeing Clearly

It is quite possible that the church has forgotten what the Bible teaches about God and man.  Paul’s letter to the Romans expounds some very important details about the sinfulness of mankind.  Paul writes that unregenerate man has knowingly rejected God (1:18-19).  He states that all men inherently know that God exists (1:20).  Paul goes so far as to declare that no man has a legitimate defense for rejecting the existence of God.  Unregenerate man’s rejection of God has led to greater spiritual darkness (1:21).  This rejection has led to idol worship (1:22-23).

As a result of this rejection of God, He has allowed unregenerate man to follow the desires of his heart, which have led to greater wickedness (1:24).  Exchanging worship of God for worship of idols has led to this greater wickedness (1:25).

As unregenerate man chose idol-worship, God gave them over to their wickedness (1:26-27).  This resulted in such things as homosexuality.  The unrestrained wickedness of man led to this sin.  Paul declares that the sin of homosexuality will result in person bodily consequences.

As unregenerate man rejects God-worship, God gave them over to their sinful understanding (1:28).  Unregenerate man being able to act accoring to his own sinful understanding has led to wicked actions, improper actions (1:28-32).  As you read through the list of wicked actions and attitudes you recognize that this is the world in which we live.  One of the most striking statements concerning unregenerate man is that he is a “hater of God.”  Paul concludes the section by stating that unregenerate man inherently recognizes that those who participate in such wickedness are “worthy of death.”  Yet even though unregenerate man knows this, he continues to participate in the wickedness and also applauds those who do likewise.

My purpose in writing on this issue is simple.  We have forgotten these truths.  God is holy and He hates sin.  Unregenerate man has rejected God and therefore practices wickedness, unrestrained wickedness.  He is worthy of God’s judgment.  In fact, all of mankind is worthy of God’s judgment.  God has shown such great grace, mercy, and love.  He has punished sin through the cross.  Christ has taken the wrath of God the Father on Himself while on the cross, which we deserved for our sin.  Christ paid our sin-debt.  Three days later we knew that Christ’s payment for sins was accepted by God the Father, because of His resurrection.

Scripture’s plea is that we see God and man accurately.

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