Chapter Titles for the New Testament


1 – Abrahamic genealogy and Messianic birth foretold

2 – Wise men see Jesus, a stop in Egypt, and a move to Nazareth

3 – John the Baptist and Jesus’ baptism

4 – Jesus’ temptation and His ministry in Galilee

5 – Sermon on the Mount: a new way to live

6 – Sermon on the Mount: model prayer, secret fasting, and seeking heavenly things

7 – Sermon on the Mount: Hypocritical judgment, persistent prayer, and acting on Jesus’ words

8 – Jesus heals, casts out demons in Capernaum and then is asked to leave

9 – Jesus has authority to forgive sins, calls Matthew, heals two blind men, and tells His disciples to ask the Father for more help

10 – Jesus sends out the 12 to the Jews alone

11 – Jesus confirms His Messianic nature to John the Baptist and states that He reveals the Father

12 – Jesus discusses proper Sabbath observation and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

13- Jesus teaches in parables and discusses the kingdom

14 – John the Baptist killed, Jesus feeds 5,000 people, and walks on water

15 – Jesus rebukes Jewish tradition and feeds 4,000 people

16 – Jesus warns His disciples about the teaching of the Jewish leaders, Peter confesses Jesus’ Messianic nature, and Jesus foretells the cross

17 – Jesus transfigures and foretells the cross

18 – Who is the greatest in the kingdom discussion, confronting sin, and forgiveness

19 – The topic of divorce and reward for sacrificial Christian living

20 – The parable of the vineyard workers, and Jesus talks about His death

21 – The Triumphal Entry, cleansing the temple, and parables about the national rejection of Christ

22 – Wedding banquet parable, the 2 great commands, and Jesus asks questions about the Messiah

23 – Jesus rebukes the hypocrisy of the religious leaders

24 – The destruction of the temple and the coming 70th Week

25 – Parables about the Second Coming and evaluation of one’s works

26 – The Lord’s Supper, and Jesus is betrayed

27 – Jesus stands trial before Pilate, then crucified and buried

28 – Jesus resurrects and gives the Great Commission


1 – The baptism of Jesus, His temptation, the call of four disciples, and His preaching ministry begins

2 – Jesus heals a paralytic, calls Matthew, and states that He is Lord of the Sabbath

3 – Jesus heals on the Sabbath, appoints the 12, accused of being possessed, and His family attempts to restrain Him

4 – Jesus gives the parables of the sower, seed, and mustard seed

5 – In the country of the Gerasenes, Jesus drives out legion, is then asked to leave, and raises Jairus’ daughter to life

6 – Jesus in Nazareth, the sending out of the 12, John the Baptist killed, the feeding of the 5,000, walking on water, and arrival at Gennesaret

7 – Jesus rebukes the traditions of the Pharisees, declares all foods clean, and heals in Tyre and Decapolis

8 – Jesus feeds 4,000, heals a blind man in Bethsaida, and Peter confesses Jesus as the Messiah in Caesarea Philippi

9 – Jesus transfigures, travels through Galilee and Capernaum foretelling His death and resurrection

10 – Jesus teaching in Judea beyond the Jordan, blessing children, the rich young ruler, and heading to Jerusalem

11 – The Triumphal Entry and cleansing of the temple

12 – The parable of the vine-growers and Jesus debating the religious leaders

13 – Jesus speaks about the tribulation and His return

14 – The plot to kill Jesus, celebration of Passover, and Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin

15 – Jesus before Pilate, crucified, and buried

16 – Jesus resurrects


1 – The birth of John the Baptist and Christ’s birth foretold

2 – Jesus born in Bethlehem, presented at the temple, and a twelve year old Jesus in the temple

3 – John the Baptist preaches, baptizes Jesus, and the genealogy of Christ

4 – Jesus tempted and begins His ministry in Galilee

5 – Jesus calls the first disciples and displays His authority

6 – Jesus chooses the 12 and shares the beatitudes

7 – Jesus heals in Capernaum and confirms His Messianic nature to John’s disciples

8 – Jesus preaching and healing: the Gerasene demoniac and Jairus’ daughter

9 – The 12 sent out to minister, feeding the 5,000, and the transfiguration

10 – Jesus sends out the 70 and the good Samaritan parable

11 – Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray and disputes with Pharisees and lawyers

12 – Jesus instructs the crowd to fear God alone and Jesus’ presence divides men

13 – Jesus heals on the Sabbath, shares kingdom parables, and continues toward Jerusalem

14 – Jesus heals on the Sabbath in a Pharisee’s house, shares the parables of the guests and of the dinner

15 – Jesus shares the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, and the prodigal son

16 – Jesus uses parables to teach love for God, rather than money

17 – Jesus instructs the disciples, cleanses 10 lepers, and foretells the Second Coming

18 – Teaching on prayer, rebuke of self-righteousness, and healing Bartimaeus on the way to Jericho

19 – Zaccheus saved in Jericho, the delay of the kingdom, the Triumphal Entry, and cleansing the temple

20 – Jesus questioned by the religious leaders and warns of the hypocrisy

21 – Jesus speaks of the tribulation and His return

22 – The Lord’s Supper and the trial before the Sanhedrin

23 – Jesus before Pilate, then Herod, and then crucified

24 – Jesus resurrects and ascends


1 – The incarnation and beginning public ministry of Christ

2 – The miracle at Cana and the cleansing of the temple

3 – Being born again and John’s description of Christ

4 – Jesus in Galilee and Samaria

5 – Jesus heals at the pool of Bethesda in Jerusalem on the Sabbath, Jesus equates Himself with the Father, and the witnesses to Jesus’ identity

6 – Jesus feeds 5,000, walks on water, preaching in Capernaum, and Peter’s confession

7 – Jesus teaching during the Feast of Booths and people are divided over Jesus

8 – The woman caught in adultery and Jesus asserts His deity

9 – Jesus heals a man born blind and asserts His deity

10 – The parable of the good shepherd and Jesus asserts His deity during the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem

11 – The resurrection of Lazarus and the leaders plot to kill Jesus

12 – Jesus travels to Bethany where Lazarus is, the Triumphal Entry, and Jesus foretells His death

13 – Jesus washes the feet of the disciples and predicts His betrayal

14 – Jesus speaks of going to the Father’s house to prepare a place, and the coming of the Spirit

15 – Jesus is the true vine, the relationship of the disciples to each other and the world

16 – Jesus warns of coming persecution, the Holy Spirit, and His death

17 – Jesus prays for His disciples

18 – Jesus betrayed, on trial before Annas and Caiaphas, Peter denies Jesus, and Jesus before Pilate

19 – Jesus sentenced, crucified, and buried

20 – Jesus resurrects, appears to His disciples, and John shares why he wrote the account

21 – Jesus at the Sea of Galilee and His talk with Peter


1 – Jesus’ ascension and the choosing of Matthias

2 – The day of Pentecost, Peter’s sermon, and the early church

3 – Peter heals a lame beggar and preaches another sermon

4 – Peter and John arrested, released, and the fellowship of the church

5 – Ananias and Sapphira, the apostles arrested and freed, the counsel of Gamaliel

6 – The 7 chosen to serve

7 – Stephen’s sermon and death

8 – Saul’s persecution of the church, Philip in Samaria, and the Ethiopian eunuch

9 – Saul saved and Peter healing

10 – Cornelius and other Gentiles saved

11 – Peter shares of Gentile salvation in Jerusalem and the church at Antioch

12 – Peter arrested and delivered, the death of Herod

13 – Paul and Barnabas sent on a mission trip

14 – Paul and Barnabas’ gospel accepted and opposed

15 – The council at Jerusalem and the second missionary journey

16 – Paul’s Macedonian vision and Paul and Silas imprisoned

17 – Paul traveling and preaching in Macedonia

18 – Paul at Corinth and then a third missionary journey

19 – Paul at Ephesus

20 – Paul in Macedonia and Greece

21 – Paul travels to Jerusalem and is arrested in the temple

22 – Paul makes his defense before the Jews

23 – Paul makes his defense before the Sanhedrin, a plot to kill Paul, and transport to Caesarea

24 – Paul makes his defense before Felix

25 – Paul makes his defense before Festus

26 – Paul makes his defense before Agrippa

27 – Paul sent to Rome but shipwrecked on the way

28 – Safe at Malta, arriving in Rome, and preaching for two years under house-arrest


1 – Paul’s desire to preach the gospel and the consequences of unbelief

2 – God is impartial in His judgment

3 – All humanity is guilty before God and the solution of justification by faith

4 – Justification by faith was established even during the time of Abraham

5 – The results of justification by faith

6 – Believers are to no longer be controlled by sin, but by God

7 – Believers are dead to sin and united with Christ, the conflict of sin and the Spirit

8 – Victory through Christ

9 – God’s present plan for Israel

10 – Faith in the gospel brings salvation

11 – God’s future restoration of Israel

12 – The expected conduct resulting from salvation

13 – God’s appointed servant, the government

14 – Listening to your own conscience in regard to debatable matters

15 – Curtailing personal liberty for the good of others

16 – Paul’s greetings

1 Corinthians

1 – Paul calls for unity and humility

2 – Paul relying on the Holy Spirit in preaching

3 – Teachers need to be careful what they teach

4 – How a teacher should be recognized

5 – Immorality needs to be addressed

6 – Lawsuits and sexual immorality

7 – Teaching on marriage

8 – Curtailing liberty

9 – Paul’s example of curtailing liberty

10 – Learning from Israel’s mistakes

11 – Order in the church

12 – Spiritual gifts

13 – Others-focused love characterizing the use of spiritual gifts

14 – The proper use of spiritual gifts in the church

15 – The resurrection of Christ and the subsequent resurrection of dead believers

16 – Instructions on the offering for the poor and greetings

2 Corinthians

1 – Paul defends himself

2 – Paul calls the church to end their discipline of the repentant individual

3 – Servants of a new covenant

4 – Paul’s ministry experience

5 – Walking by faith and being a new spiritual creation

6 – Live differently

7 – Paul speaks of his motivations in writing the letter of sorrow

8 – Give the offering that you promised

9 – God blesses those who are involved in such sacrificial giving

10 – Paul’s ministry

11 – Paul defends his apostolic ministry

12 – Paul’s vision and thorn in the flesh

13 – Make sure you are elect


1 – Accepting a false gospel and Paul’s testimony

2 – Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles and justification through faith

3 – The Law brings condemnation, faith in Christ brings justification

4 – Set free through faith in Christ, the promise comes through faith in Christ

5 – Living by the enablement of the Spirit

6 – Living properly within the church until the end


1 – The blessings of salvation through Christ

2 – Salvation by God’s grace through faith in Christ

3 – Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles

4 – Spirit established unity and Spirit-led living

5 – Godly living and godly marital relationships

6 – Godly relationships and spiritual warfare


1 – A prayer for spiritual growth and spiritual unity

2 – Exhortation to spiritual unity and godly living

3 – Paul’s example of pursuing Christ and his call for others to do the same

4 – Following Paul’s example and a commendation of godly sacrifice


1 – The spiritual growth of the Colossians and the glorious Christ

2 – Standing firm in Christ and not being misled

3 – Proper heavenly-focused Christian living and godly relationships

4 – Prayer for evangelism and the necessity of godly living

1 Thessalonians

1 – Thankfulness for the spiritual health of the Thessalonians

2 – Paul’s ministry

3 – Timothy sent to encourage their faith

4 – Sexual purity, godly living, and the resurrection of dead Christians

5 – The day of the Lord and proper Christian living

2 Thessalonians

1 – Thankfulness for the faith of the Thessalonians

2 – The events that must occur before and during the day of the Lord

3 – Encouragement to faithfulness

1 Timothy

1 – Timothy reminded of pure doctrine and godly living

2 – Prayerful living and women being submissive

3 – Qualifications for elders and deacons

4 – False teaching and the teaching of a good servant

5 – Conduct toward groups in the church, caring for widows, and dealing with elders

6 – Instruction for Timothy to remain faithful to the truth

2 Timothy

1 – Encouragement to stick to the truth

2 – Staying focused in ministry and gently correcting those who are deceived

3 – The difficult times coming and continuing in the faith

4 – Preaching the word and some personal notes


1 – Qualifications for elders and the danger of false teaching

2 – The expectations of different people groups in the church as a result of salvation

3 – Humble godly living being involved in good works


1 – Paul encourages Philemon to graciously receive Onesimus


1 – The Father’s revelation of Christ and His superiority to angels

2 – Holding firm to Christ and the purpose of His incarnation

3 – Christ superior to Moses and holding firm to faith

4 – Faith is required to enter God’s rest, keep relying on Jesus

5 – Christ the superior high priest who provides redemption

6 – The danger of unbelief and the sure promise of God

7 – Christ a priest forever, the initiator of a new and better covenant

8 – Christ having a superior ministry and the fulfilled old covenant

9 – The superiority of the new covenant through Christ

10 -The superiority of Christ’s sacrifice and the consequences of unbelief

11 – The life of faith approved by God

12 – Following Christ’s example, persevering in the faith, and the superiority of the new covenant

13 – Christ’s sufficiency, clinging to the Christ, and godly living


1 – The result of persevering in trials and the truly godly life seen in obedience

2 – True faith is evidenced in obedience

3 – Guarding your speech and humble heavenly wisdom

4 – Humble yourself before God and resist Satan

5 – The sin of the rich will be judged, endure till the Lord comes, and prayer is the solution to many problems

1 Peter

1 – Live faithfully, in spite of persecution, until Christ returns

2 – Live godly lives as a result of salvation through Christ, submit to authority, and entrust yourself to God in the midst of persecution

3 – Godly relationships and suffering for doing what is right

4 – Live in obedience to God in spite of persecution entrusting yourself to God

5 – Elders encouraged to biblical leadership, believers called to trust God in their trials

2 Peter

1 – Living worthy of God’s calling through Christ, and the divine nature of the N.T. revelation

2 – The presence of false teachers, their coming judgment, and the destiny of those who follow them

3 – Mockers are coming, grow in your faith and knowledge of God’s Word so that you may not be misled by the mockers

1 John

1 – John reveals what he knows about Christ, walk in obedience, confess your sins to Him to receive forgiveness and cleansing

2 – The person who knows Christ lives in obedience, there are false teachers present, false believers deny Christ, if these believers maintain their trust in the gospel they will have no need to be ashamed at Christ’s coming

3 – A believer’s life is characterized by obedience, the world hates believers, believers should cling to Christ and love other believers

4 – Determine whether teachers are from God, believers will listen to teachers from God, believers are to love other believers, this is one of the visible means to determine if a person is a believer

5 – Faith in Christ brings victory over the world and eternal life, prayer according to God’s will, situations in which to pray for a believer in sin and times not to do so, a relationship with God through Christ

2 John

1 – Stick to the truth as it was handed down so that you won’t be deceived by false teachers

3 John

1 – Gaius is living in a way that glorifies God, believers should help to support those involved in vocational ministry, the wickedness of Diotrephes, and living properly


1 – The believers are to contend for the truth of Christianity, false teachers will be judged by God, the apostles warned that false teachers would come, the believers are to be grounded in the truth of Christianity awaiting Christ’s return


1 – The revelation of the glorified Christ

2 – The exhortation of Christ to four churches in Asia to overcome

3 – The exhortation of Christ to the remaining three churches in Asia to overcome

4 – Heavenly worship of God as Creator

5 – Heavenly worship of Lamb as Redeemer

6 – The first six Seal Judgments

7 – 144,000 Jewish witnesses and an innumerable amount of redeemed Gentiles

8 – The seventh Seal Judgment and the first four Trumpet Judgments

9 – The fifth and sixth Trumpet Judgments

10 – The angel and the little book

11 – Two witnesses and the seventh Trumpet Judgment

12 – The heavenly scene of the woman, red dragon, and the male child

13 – The beasts from the sea and the earth

14 – The Lamb on Mount Zion and the future scene of judgment

15 – A heavenly scene

16 – The seven Bowl Judgments

17 – The judgment of religious Babylon

18 – The judgment of economic Babylon

19 – The return of Christ to conquer those opposed to Him

20 – Satan bound, released, and the great white throne judgment

21 – The new heaven, new earth, and new Jerusalem

22 – The future with Christ and some final warnings

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