Playing with Fire, by Walt Russell

I have begun reading a book called, Playing with Fire, by Walt Russell. It has provided the reader with a wealth of good instruction in regard to biblical interpretation. I find it so refreshing that the author has confronted head-on the erroneous view that a “devotional” reading of the Scriptures is altogether separate from a historical-grammatical reading of the Bible. This has led to the rampant misinterpretation of the Word of God as a result of a “this is what it means to me” interpretation. The author warns that a serious reading of the Scripture is like “playing with fire.” The reason for this is that God supernaturally uses His Word to transform the lives of His people. This is again reinforced for me the importance of the right Bible reading skills. This really seems to be the reason for the rise of allegorical interpretation, which is still widespread today. The ironic part is that those who use allegory (especially those who use replacement theology – i.e. the church has replaced Israel) claim to use a historical-grammatical hermeneutic. The evidence shows the contrary.
A great book so far. I would recommend others to pick it up.

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