A Prayer to our God

Father, You are truly worthy of our praise.  You sent Your Son to reconcile us to Yourself.  You have sent the Holy Spirit to guide us and teach us Your Word.  Father, thank You for victory over sin.  Thank You for punishing our sin through Your Son on the cross.  You have granted us Your mercy by not punishing us as our sins deserve, by allowing us to spend eternity in Hell.  We do not deserve Your grace.

Father, please convict us of our sin and help us to repent.  Please God help us to remember the truth of 1 John 1:9 as believers.  Help us to be convicted when we sin and confess our wrongdoing to You, so that we may be restored to a right relationship with You.

Father, please help us this day and every day to desire You, to know You more and more.  Help us to continually seek a closer, stronger relationship with You.  Father, help us to love and obey Your Word.  Help us not to ever be satisfied with our present knowledge of You.  Father, speak to us through Your Word.  Help us to understand it accurately, and help us to live by it.  Change us through Your Word.  Make believers more like Christ and draw non-believers to repentance and faith in the gospel.

in Christ name,



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