A Prayer to the King

Lord You are the King of all creation.  You are the Master of the entire universe.  Father You are all-knowing.  You are all-powerful.  You are omnipresent.  God You made all things.  Lord because You know all things, I can trust You and not worry.  Lord I do not need to worry about how my church is doing, because You are in control.  If they are born again, You have done it.  If they are going to grow spiritually, You will do it.  Lord I can only love others if I am filled with Your love.  Help me to be filled with Your love, Lord.  God I am sorry for not trusting You like I should.  Lord my faith is so small.  God please help me to trust You in all ways and in everything.  Lord please help me to understand and believe Your Word always.  God please strengthen me and grow me spiritually.  Lord, help me to become the man of God that You have saved me through Christ to become.

in His name I pray,



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