A Repentant Heart

Recently through listening to the clear preaching of God’s Word by men at the T4G conference (from last year) I became thoroughly convicted.  I realized that I have been so man-centered in my life and my preaching.  I have been thinking like and living like I am the one who is responsible, through methods and strategies, to grow Jesus’ church (at least the one that I pastor).  I have been preaching and teaching in ways that I think will make it “easier” for non-believers to accept the Gospel.  I am so ashamed of myself for this total contradiction of the way that God’s Word describes Christianity and the Church.  I have been rebelling against God in the way that I have been thinking and teaching. 

Unsaved people do not respond on their own to the Gospel.  God is the One who does all of the saving, opening of eyes, etc…  This has caused me to repent and go back to the clear teaching of God’s Word.  Pleading with someone, looking for some kind of emotional response, or hoping to explain in a way that is “just a bit clearer” is not the answer.  God saves and sanctifies.

Christians are unable to do things that send people to Hell.  I knew that this was untrue.  But, somehow with the desire to encourage people to evangelize this idea has been communicated.  God calls us to be His ambassadors (2 Cor. 5), He does not give us, or allow us, to have the ability to cause someone’s eternity to be altered.  God and God alone is the One who is in control of saving people’s souls and transforming lives. 

I pray that God will open more of our eyes, as pastors and as Christians, to go back to the clear bold preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  Also, that He will help us to understand and live according to His Word.  This will result in God-centered Theology and churches, not man-centered.


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