The Desire to be Complete

There is a desire in every person to be complete. There are a lot of different methods that people use to try to arrive at “being complete.” A casual observance of these methods results in the realization that not all of these methods are effective. In fact, some of these methods to become complete result in setbacks. As a follower of Jesus Christ I have learned that God’s plan for me is to make me complete in Christ. God established a relationship with me through Christ’s death and resurrection. At that point God begins the massive transformation process that is necessary to make me complete in Christ. This is the only means available to make a person truly complete. I know we hear such romantic sentiment from people that their significant other “completes” them. It souns nice, but we all know that it is not entirely accurate. A relationship with God through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection is only the beginning. It is a sad reality that the gospel Christians have been sharing starts and ends with “going to heaven.” Forgiveness of sins and a relationship with God is the beginning, not the end. The end is when God finishes His supernatural work of transforming into the image of Christ. This is the desire for “complete-ness” that we should truly seek.


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