The Willful Ignorance of God’s People

I was reading this morning in the book of Jeremiah.  In chapter 2 God (speaking through Jeremiah) says that the priests do not seem to be concerned about, “where is the Lord?”.  The people who handle the law don’t know God.  The rulers disobey God’s commands.  The prophets give messages originating with other gods and chase after things that don’t help them to know God more intimately.  This is a huge problem for the people of Israel during this time.  The people that are supposed to “set the tone” for the rest of God’s people, stink spiritually.  They are horrible, to say the least.

What does the problem of God’s covenant people have to do with the church?  Good question.  The people of God are influenced by those in spiritual leadership.  When those in spiritual leadership don’t know God intimately it spells disaster for the rest of God’s people.  It is a special case when someone not called to leadership acts contrary to wrong living and teaching.  Can you imagine that the people who teach the words of God, don’t even know Him?  It happens even now in churches all around this world.  There are men (and even women) teaching more philosophy than they are teaching the revealed Word of God.  This has been the result of congregations not wanting to be taught the Word of God verse-by-verse in context (because “it’s boring).  “Give the people what they want” has resulted in messages that contain anywhere from “3-10 steps/keys/helps” to a “better sex life”, a “worry-free life”, a “more satisfying marriage.”  No wonder we don’t impact this world for Christ!  We have dumbed down the message, and we have forgotten to get the focus of from people and onto God!  We complain about the fact that Christians are so self-centered and then we give them messages that encourage them to be that way.  If everything is focused on the individual, instead of on an all-powerful God, we get what we ask for.

Good thing God is not limited by our desires and abilities.


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