Are all things that are “new” bad?

There is something that I have noticed as a Christ-follower, anytime there is a “new” movement evangelical Christians are against it. I am not saying that believers should automatically buy in to everything that comes down the pike.  What I am saying is that most times opinions are given about “new” movements, “new” Bible translations, “new” books, “new” whatever, without sufficient information to form an opinion.  The reasoning is something like this, “If it is ‘new’, I don’t like it.”  Why don’t you like it?  “I don’t know.  I just don’t.  Someone else said it was bad.”  And so the story goes.  Unless something is clearly un-biblical, why don’t Christ-followers take a breather and wait to see what develops.  It is similar to when evangelicals were against the NIV translation of the Bible, and 15-20 years later the same people who were against it, now use it in their churches!  It seems to be a similar issue with the TNIV, the HCSB, the NET Bible, etc…  If we fastfoward about 15-20 years all the same people who criticized these translations originally, will be using them in their churches. 

I have just received a newsletter talking about the “evils” of the Emerging Church.  Yes, I will admit not everything that every person is doing under the title of Emerging Church is something that I am comfortable with.  On the other hand there are alot of things that I am not comfortable with that conservative evangelical churches are doing right now.  There seems to be no outcry that there are unspiritual people in churches dictating to God’s appointed leaders (pastors) what to do in ministry and leadership.  I would say that this issue is much more an offense to God, than lighting candles and burning incense.

Maybe for the sake of what pleases God we can stop picking apart other movements within Christianity (that are not un-biblical) and start fixing our own churches!  Like dealing with the carnality and people pleasing that is occurring.  I am not going to stand before the judgment seat of Christ and answer for why I didn’t get irritated over the Emerging Church’s candles, but I will stand before Him and answer for why I didn’t stand for truth in my own church. 

This is a call to wisdom, common sense, and repentance. 


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