The Problem of Pride?

It is an interesting thing, pride. It seems to be blend into its surroundings. So often we do not even know that it is there. This elusive pride thing is everywhere! Though in experience I have noticed that it is easier to spot it in the life of someone else, but rather difficult to discover in my own life. As I read the Word of God and come upon the excerpt from the life of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter four, I find that God notices pride more quickly than anyone. Nebuchadnezzar was walking around on his balcony and thought that he had built himself quite a kingdom. Not only that, he had built quite a kingdom on his own, for his own greatness. No sooner did the words leave his mouth, God brought judgment on him. Nebuchadnezzar the great king, was acting like a cow.
Is this kind of experience necessary for us at times? Do Christians become proud? Do Christians begin to think that they have enjoyed success on their own? Do Christians think that they have enjoyed success for their own greatness? Yes, I think we are guilty. We attempt frequently to do things (in the name of God) in our own strength, and take the credit for it when we are done. I pray that God will reveal to me the pride that is actually a part of my life, that I might hate it like He does, and repent of it. Lord, help me. Lord, help us.

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