Conservative versus Liberal in Seminary Settings

It is so interesting to me that so many Christ followers who are attending Theological institutions (such as, seminaries) are so concerned with not being considered conservative.  Why is there a fear of being labeled, “Theologically conservative”?  I think it is probably better to err on the side of caution when it comes to such an issue.  In a search for “significance”, have Christ followers sought approval from those who have questioned the underpinings of the Word of God as the message from God, revealing Himself to humanity?  It is such a paradox that Christ followers would shun being considered “conservative” because it implies narrow-mindedness, ignorance, and legalism.  No one likes labels, because they are almost always jaded by the person who is doing the labeling.  I would voice a word of caution, if I may, don’t be so quick to seek the approval of people by jettisoning beliefs in the core doctrines of the faith, as revealed by the Word of God.  When we begin picking which parts of Scripture are really true or really from God, and which parts aren’t, where do you stop?  I am not calling for blind ignorance.  I am encouraging caution.  I don’t think that any of us would desire to be promoters of false teaching/doctrine in our day.  Study yes, but be careful what you take in as truth from “critical scholarship.”  Contend for the faith, as Jude called for.


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