Christians are too political

Politics in the United States is a never ending issue.  There is always something going on where a politician is jockeying for position in some social arena and people always seem to be there to either support or oppose the movement.  The form of government in the United States encourages input (ugh, probably a bad a idea – depending on who shares the input).  Enough of the political explanation and on to the point.

Christians have decided that it is their responsibility to try to sway the opinions of politicians through their voting, money, etc…  Is it really the mission of the Church to make the United States “moral”?  I know this will not make some Christians happy to read this, but I think that Christians are chasing the wrong goal.  The Bible speaks more to the point of non-involvement, than it talks about the politicking that most Christians are doing today.  Paul instructs Timothy to pray for those in authority (1 Tim 2:1-4), so that Christians may live a peaceful life.  So it seems that the Bible is insinuating that Christians are to live their lives in obedience to God, praying for politicians, in the hope that the government will leave Christians alone.  Basically, let the government do its thing, and let the Church do its thing.  Paul speaks in Romans 13:1-7, saying that God puts politicians into place for there to be accountability for those who do wrong. 

None of these things talk about attempting to manipulate politicians into making Christian decisions, when they are not Christians (granted there are some politicians that may very well be Christians)!  So in closing, quit trying to make the secular government do the Church’s job.  Christians around this world are called to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, obeying the Word of God, and sharing the message of Jesus Christ with all of those who they come into contact with.  This is the mission of the Church, not politics.  Here is a call to biblical politics (I hate putting those 2 words together)

pray for those in political authority (even those you don’t like)  – 1 Timothy 2:1-4

pay your taxes, obey the civil laws, and obey God  – Romans 14:1-7

leave politics to the politicians, vote for who you feel God wants you to vote for, and pray for those in authority, be Jesus to those around you so that God might save their soul – that is your purpose, not politics!


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